The next blog

Wow. The amount of unwritten blogs that have accumulated this semester is astounding.They seem to be piling up ominously and with gusto as the weeks roll by. Next week is the mid-semester break, and the following week we have our Transmedia projects due.

This is me.

In the lecture we were shown about transmedia narratives and some examples of the techniques that we were required to execute in our projects. Our lecturer used the example of the Batman dark night franchise and how they used a scavenger-hunt style game prior to the film’s release to engage fans around the USA. The campaign was called “Why so serious’ and was overseen by 42 entertainment. Patrons were sent unsolicited emails, with addresses to investigate. It turns out that these addresses were bakeries with phone numbers iced onto them. When the player phones the number, they find out there is a phone inside the cake with a message to wait another message that they will receive at some stage on their own phones. Some gamers became fed-up with the wild goose chase nature of the hunt and became outraged until all was revealed in the film, and made the patrons feel as if they were part of something and aided the characters in the film.

To me, transmedia is fully engrossing the consumer in a world created by someone else. It is incorporating the classic media platforms, and integrating them, creating a completely interactive experience for the audience. I believe that Transmedia is a relatively newer term than multimedia and that they differ greatly, while being quite similar. Multimedia just uses pre-made content to broadcast over various platforms, but Transmedia is much more than that. It is creating content constantly and incorporating all forms of media, such as social media to promote an idea. Transmedia is all about including the consumer and immersing them in the complete story being told. This technique is very effective, especially when dealing with a genre such as horror. A prime example of this technique is the Blair Witch Project film. When it was released, people were unsure of what to make of it and whether it was fictional or not. With clever transmedia storytelling, the producers successfully encapsulated audiences worldwide. Instead of posters advertising the movie directly, There were crudely photocopied posters of the ‘missing children’ from the film. Some films even come from pre-existing games and publicity stunts, such as the Michael Douglas movie, the game. There were heavy lawsuits impinged on the creators of the game, when a player fell down a mine-shaft and became a paraplegic. This is demonstrating that all possible negative avenues must be explored when planning a stunt of such a large scale, as lawsuits are becoming increasingly popular these days.


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